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I Love Golf!

Friday, February 19th, 2010

In 1996, I came so close to qualifying for the US Open… no silly, not the tennis one, the golf one. But a family crisis intervened and I had to give up my dream for more serious matters. Now, 14 years later, and mostly because of that nefarious wife of mine, I find myself with another opportunity to pursue my dream; this spring I will be competing in the local qualifier round of the US Open.

I don’t really expect to win, although sometimes my mind wanders at the potential a victory would bring. Can you imagine the media furor over some unknown 50 something schlep winning golf’s most prestigious tournament? And Phil Knight over at Nike would probably foam at the mouth just thinking about the marketing angles he could brew up with a quinquagenarian winner. See, my mind just wandered again!

Anyhow, part of the process involves hitting a lot of golf balls, and I average about 500 balls per day. Since I live in Chicago, good weather doesn’t come easy this time of year, but hitting inside weather proof domes doesn’t give you much feel for ball flight. The alternative is hitting into snow from the somewhat rickety shelter offered at my favorite common man golf-training center. Some days, because it’s so cold and snowy, I’m the only guy stupid enough to even attempt to hit balls out there. Other days, like today when it got up to 45 degrees, the fair weather lightweight wannabes, with swings straight out of a Fuseli nightmare, will show up and act like they own the place.

Up until now, very few people knew of my passion for the game, or my desire to attempt what few would ever try, but I figure even if I blow up on the course and make a fool of myself, I can still say I tried. I think deep down, most people are afraid of failure, and that stops them from attempting what they just might succeed at. Knowing I might be afraid is all the motivation I need to make me try, and I still have 3 months to shave off those last two strokes on my handicap.

And then there is that nefarious wife I mentioned… if anyone could shake Tiger out of his game, it would definitely be her!