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Paper Thick Walls behind the scenes video.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Eric and Kate are the artists behind Paper Thick Walls, an Indie, folk rock, music group. We just shot the cover art for their new, self titled CD, and this video is a peek behind the scenes. Kate is a wonderfully demure woman with a serene sense of place and time. The fact that she swears like a longshoreman in a prison camp shouldn’t be held against her, she still sounds like an angel. But Eric, and his demon Unicorns, that might just be too much for the youngsters in the crowd…

If you like, you can check them out here…

Now click on that picture down there so you can see me, because after all… it’s still all about me!

Producer .. Ashley Vest
Hair Stylist .. Drew Irmen
Wardrobe Stylist .. Tony Bryant
Set Stylist .. Laura Beck
Makeup .. Ashley Vest
Videographer/Editor .. Andy Sparesus
First Assistant .. Nicole Carlson