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Shooting with Scott and Monica for Husky

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

We had a blast today shooting Ed Cross performing acrobatic feats on ladders during an ad shoot for Husky. Ed is listed with Stewart Talent as an actor and a model, he and I have worked together many times, usually on jobs that require a lot of athletic moves and abilities. Ed used to work in the circus on the high wire, and he’s currently working in the cast of I Love Lucy at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago. It was great to see him using his skill set on a pair of ladders for my project with Scott Pettit, CD at Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications. Thanks to Scott, Monica from the account side, Jen Robinson for wardrobe and Audra Zaba for assisting me.



D Rose Billboards Are Finally Up!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Yipppeee, they’re all over the place and they look beautiful.

Thanks Megan, Ron, Leroy, Denny, and Katie… it’s a blast to see them at 70MPH!


Welcome Salute!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


It’s a fairly well kept secret that I spent a good portion of my career shooting table top product. When I discovered product would never engage me in a conversation, or laugh at my dumb jokes, I decided to find a different way to express myself, and it’s been a wonderful change of life for me. However, every now and again someone that knew me when will ask me if I would like to test my old chops on a project they are working on, which is exactly what happened when Libby Miller- Christopoulos called to see if I would help her with a new product launch. Libby and I worked forever on the Head Tennis account when she was with Grant Jacoby, so it was a slam dunk to say yes to working with her again.

The neat thing about this particular product is the charitable nature of it’s corporate mission; a sizable portion from the sales proceeds goes to help fund benefits for military veterans. The bottle is modeled after a soldiers canteen, which makes it very recognizable as well as easy to hold and pour. And what better way to get lit up like a Christmas tree this holiday season, while helping to serve the people that served us so well… Just don’t let your Christmas tree drink and drive, that wouldn’t be cool!