On a recent location shoot in New York, we decided to go to dinner at a BBQ joint that show cased local musicians. A blues band was featured that night, and while watching the lead guitar player, I discovered that something was missing in my life. I can’t show my passion in the same way that the guitar player can, and that  kind of makes me sad. He looked so into what he was doing, at times I don’t think he even realized anyone was watching him. He would hit a high note, and his face scrunched up so much his wrinkles got wrinkles. He was feeling it in his toes, and you could see it in every move on his face.

Yesterday I shot an ad for a pharmacuetical company. The talent on set was supposed to be barking instructions to people off set. I was yelling and screaming instructions to the talent so loudly I startled the crew. The AD liked the shots, and the intensity of emotion the talent conveyed, but he was kind of mystified by my methods, so he asked me why I yelled so loud. I told him I was just playing guitar.

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