Shooting With Jack Vos for Bayer

Had a great shoot the other night with Jack Vos, working for Bayer Crop Science, a division of Bayer AG. He hasn’t had the shoot gallery for very long so there aren’t any pictures to show yet, but as soon as he gets up from the couch to make the selects he needs, I’ll post the pictures in here. In the meantime, check out the awesome crew picture. From the left, the world’s best #1/digi tech…Mark Doddato, Mike Dennehy from Ford Models, Creative Director Jac Vos, wardrobe stylist Leslie Pace, assistant Al Froberg, the best producer on the planet Melanie Trombley, Jim from Gig Rig, my main makeup squeeze Ashley Vest, me, and assistant Brian Hacker. Thanks everyone for once again making me look good!

And by the way, the Tshirt says SL, UT… a memento from Salt Lake City.

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