Rhea & Kaiser Shoot For Chamberlain.

Usually we like to get everyone, including clients, support staff, on camera talent and assistants, into our crew shots. Unfortunately this time, due to the rather serious time constraints at our location, we weren’t able to. We were shooting on location in actual emergency rooms, operating theaters and patient rooms at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL. This particular shot was made in an ER Trauma room, and we had to be sensitive to the fact that a patient in distress could arrive on site at any time, so there was no playing around. We were doing a lighting test and everyone in the room hopped into the scene to help out. It’s the only crew shot we were able to pull off during the entire shoot, and the odd part is how much it reminds me of my childhood… I just loved playing doctor!

From the left… Mark Doddato, Father Al Froberg, the ever handsome me, and our newest crew member, Audra Zaba. I think Audra looks a little apprehensive about the whole thing, which is exactly how my patients looked when I was 10.


Special thanks to our Creative Director, Scott Pettit, for inviting me along on this important project!


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