A Long Goodbye

This isn’t easy to write, and it may not be easy to read, but today I gave up and resolved to accept that my friend Mark is killing himself, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I decided to take a picture with him that will let him know I love him and I will miss him sorely, but I accept him. Mark smokes cigarettes and he can’t, or won’t, quit. I can’t begin to tell you how ruthless I’ve been in trying to get him to quit, but nothing works. I went so low as to tell him not to worry, that I would make sure his son wasn’t lonely at his funeral, and that I would tell him despite the fact that he didn’t think enough of him to quit, his daddy still loved him…. Didn’t work. I watched my mother die of lung cancer, and I described for him in detail the agony she suffered… Didn’t work. I counted up all the wasted money he spends on his addiction… Didn’t work. Told him he smells like crap most of the time… Didn’t work. Told him I’ve worked with him on nearly every rewarding job I’ve had in my career and the thought of not sharing that with him would crush me… Didn’t work. So today I took a picture with him that I will display on his casket, and I told him I love him and that I will miss him sorely…  Maybe this will work!


By the way, Mark is the ornery looking fellow with the big gauge holes in his ears, I’m the really good looking guy.

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