My First Ever Video!

I just finished a campaign for People’s Gas and I wanted to have some fun with how the images have been used to date. The video contains a series of interviews conducted at the bus terminal on Navy Pier in Chicago. I asked my friend and art director, Cristen, to appear in the video, but after she saw the rough cuts, she threatened to sue me if I so much as mentioned her name. Oh well, without further ado, click the link!

8 Responses to “My First Ever Video!”

  1. Jerry Nemeth Says:

    I liked your video! Very funny !! 😀

  2. Reno Pittner Says:

    Nicely done Bob. Made me smile. I’m actually a little surprise, with your sense of humor you didn’t work the under Wacker crowd.

  3. Amy Jolliff Says:

    Think how much fun it would be to do this in Lubbock. Just don’t charge me extra for it.

  4. Dwain Thomas Says:

    Very cool video Bob.

  5. robotboot Says:

    R A D !

  6. Oenita Says:

    Great video. I do believe you are a half of a bubble off plumb. The world needs more of that! By the way, your photo/art is quite impressive.

  7. sleeve guy Says:

    I hear what you’ve been saying about my sleeves. While I may disagree with you on that point, I certainly believe you have the right to say it. Oh, and the video is awesome.

  8. Ryuji Suzuki Says:

    Hi Bob, nice work and also nice video! I think more people should be doing that! Also, sometimes I like to see how you work in production shoots like this!!