Rhea & Kaiser Shoot For Chamberlain.

August 16th, 2012

Usually we like to get everyone, including clients, support staff, on camera talent and assistants, into our crew shots. Unfortunately this time, due to the rather serious time constraints at our location, we weren’t able to. We were shooting on location in actual emergency rooms, operating theaters and patient rooms at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL. This particular shot was made in an ER Trauma room, and we had to be sensitive to the fact that a patient in distress could arrive on site at any time, so there was no playing around. We were doing a lighting test and everyone in the room hopped into the scene to help out. It’s the only crew shot we were able to pull off during the entire shoot, and the odd part is how much it reminds me of my childhood… I just loved playing doctor!

From the left… Mark Doddato, Father Al Froberg, the ever handsome me, and our newest crew member, Audra Zaba. I think Audra looks a little apprehensive about the whole thing, which is exactly how my patients looked when I was 10.


Special thanks to our Creative Director, Scott Pettit, for inviting me along on this important project!


Ashley & Edward… Getting Married!

July 16th, 2012

One of my very best friends in the world is Ashley Vest, makeup artist extraordinaire and all around goddess of love, or at least purveyor of nice hugs. She is getting married in September to a truly wonderful guy, Edward, who dotes on her constantly and also shares her affinity for pulp. I photographed the love birds, or Dame and Mac as their fond of calling each other, for their wedding announcement. I think it turned out cool!

Shooting With Jack Vos for Bayer

July 13th, 2012

Had a great shoot the other night with Jack Vos, working for Bayer Crop Science, a division of Bayer AG. He hasn’t had the shoot gallery for very long so there aren’t any pictures to show yet, but as soon as he gets up from the couch to make the selects he needs, I’ll post the pictures in here. In the meantime, check out the awesome crew picture. From the left, the world’s best #1/digi tech…Mark Doddato, Mike Dennehy from Ford Models, Creative Director Jac Vos, wardrobe stylist Leslie Pace, assistant Al Froberg, the best producer on the planet Melanie Trombley, Jim from Gig Rig, my main makeup squeeze Ashley Vest, me, and assistant Brian Hacker. Thanks everyone for once again making me look good!

And by the way, the Tshirt says SL, UT… a memento from Salt Lake City.

AbelsonTaylor Shoot for Abbott Laboratories!

July 11th, 2012

Many thanks to Jodi, Rick, April and Sarah from AbelsonTaylor… the creative was great and your team makes work a pleasure! I would also like to thank my terrific crew… Mark Doddato, Sandy Rosencrans, Ashley Vest, Kelly McKaig, and Greg Miller from Stewart Talent.

Winning Awards Equals Happy Clients!

June 21st, 2012

I recently attended a banquet, at which I was honored to receive a number of awards that recognized the images I made for a few of my clients. In attendance were Patrick, Carolyn and Mark from Gerard Design, Brian and Matt from Navistar, And Mary and Barb from AMP Corp. Rock and Dennis from OfficeMax weren’t able to attend, but I heard they were very happy indeed! For Navistar and AMP we won a Gold Hermes along with a Platinum Communicator Award for the work we did for the “On Command” campaign, and for OfficeMax we won a Platinum Hermes for the work we did for the “Store In A Store” ad campaign . I’m so fortunate to be able to work for such passionate and skilled professionals, and being able to call them friends is the icing on the cake!

Great job everyone!

Ryan Partnership for GlaxoSmithKline

June 18th, 2012

A while ago I had the pleasure of working with Wendy Miranda, a senior art director at The Ryan Partnership. We made portraits of experts in the field of addiction control, for a stop-smoking campaign that was sponsored by Wal-mart and GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Nicorette and Nicoderm CQ. Since I used Nicorette to successfully help me quit smoking, I was proud to be part of the project. We worked in tandem with a film crew, on a sound stage, shooting portraits in between motion takes. Thanks to my good friend Marty Rhomberg and the wonderful staff at Optimus, the shoot went off without a hitch.

Sandy Rosencrans on the left, Mark Doddato jumping in the air (yet again), me on the right, and Wendy in the middle.  I love happy crew shots!

My New TV Spot

February 26th, 2011

My good friend and client, Jack Vos, recently came to me with an idea for a television commercial utilizing still photography in motion. After a few extensive pre-pro meetings with the agency creative team, and the crew at Protokulture (a post production house in Chicago), we came up with the solution Jack was looking for. While the imagery source for the spot was traditional still photography, the method for obtaining the imagery was anything but traditional.

Click the picture, I hope you like it!

Paper Thick Walls behind the scenes video.

March 2nd, 2010

Eric and Kate are the artists behind Paper Thick Walls, an Indie, folk rock, music group. We just shot the cover art for their new, self titled CD, and this video is a peek behind the scenes. Kate is a wonderfully demure woman with a serene sense of place and time. The fact that she swears like a longshoreman in a prison camp shouldn’t be held against her, she still sounds like an angel. But Eric, and his demon Unicorns, that might just be too much for the youngsters in the crowd…

If you like, you can check them out here…


Now click on that picture down there so you can see me, because after all… it’s still all about me!

Producer .. Ashley Vest
Hair Stylist .. Drew Irmen
Wardrobe Stylist .. Tony Bryant
Set Stylist .. Laura Beck
Makeup .. Ashley Vest
Videographer/Editor .. Andy Sparesus
First Assistant .. Nicole Carlson

I Love Golf!

February 19th, 2010

In 1996, I came so close to qualifying for the US Open… no silly, not the tennis one, the golf one. But a family crisis intervened and I had to give up my dream for more serious matters. Now, 14 years later, and mostly because of that nefarious wife of mine, I find myself with another opportunity to pursue my dream; this spring I will be competing in the local qualifier round of the US Open.

I don’t really expect to win, although sometimes my mind wanders at the potential a victory would bring. Can you imagine the media furor over some unknown 50 something schlep winning golf’s most prestigious tournament? And Phil Knight over at Nike would probably foam at the mouth just thinking about the marketing angles he could brew up with a quinquagenarian winner. See, my mind just wandered again!

Anyhow, part of the process involves hitting a lot of golf balls, and I average about 500 balls per day. Since I live in Chicago, good weather doesn’t come easy this time of year, but hitting inside weather proof domes doesn’t give you much feel for ball flight. The alternative is hitting into snow from the somewhat rickety shelter offered at my favorite common man golf-training center. Some days, because it’s so cold and snowy, I’m the only guy stupid enough to even attempt to hit balls out there. Other days, like today when it got up to 45 degrees, the fair weather lightweight wannabes, with swings straight out of a Fuseli nightmare, will show up and act like they own the place.

Up until now, very few people knew of my passion for the game, or my desire to attempt what few would ever try, but I figure even if I blow up on the course and make a fool of myself, I can still say I tried. I think deep down, most people are afraid of failure, and that stops them from attempting what they just might succeed at. Knowing I might be afraid is all the motivation I need to make me try, and I still have 3 months to shave off those last two strokes on my handicap.

And then there is that nefarious wife I mentioned… if anyone could shake Tiger out of his game, it would definitely be her!

Boxing Bankers

April 3rd, 2009

A good friend of mine, Mark Okolita, is the Creative Director at S2 marketing + communications. I’ve worked with him a lot over the years, mostly because his wife, who is a better friend of mine, wants me to keep an eye on him. The boy has problems, and I’ve promised her that if they pay me a lot, I’ll keep him out of trouble. Mark, our friend Jim McKenzie at Mckenzie Creative, and I, just finished this behind the scenes video. As usual, Mark is a ball hog and has most of the scenes, but he’s the guy that scripted the whole thing, and paid for it too, so what can I tell you… Click the picture!